This website is about our ‘project’ to re-live and re-drive some of the routes the original Red Ball Express drivers countered after the Normandy Invasion back in 1944.
Most of us are dedicated to restoring and driving the WW2 GMC trucks (and some other WW2 vehicles) and showing them to the public where ever and when ever we can. The 2018 Red Ball project is our effort to pay homage to those drivers back in 1944 who were the lifeline to the Allied armies taking back Europe from the German invaders. Without them the soldiers at the front would have been without petrol, ammunition, medical aid, food and clothing!

This website is a work in progress and will document the preparations, the actual journey in 2018, and the aftermath. We hope you like it and check back every once in a while.

Stuart Middleton.

Normandy weather

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