Fuel to the Troops

Hardcover – February 4, 2012

This story is a tribute to those men of the 689th Engineer Petroleum Distribution (EPD) Company, providing the necessary fuels for the vehicles involved in fighting their way into Germany in 1944-45. Told through the eyes of one of their comrades, John Sullivan recounts these individual sacrifices and lived though the many challenges every day for two years. It provides a behind-the-scenes look at daily operations and those untold stories from America’s “Greatest Generation.” 92 photos, 6 documents, 2 drawings, 1 map.
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The Road to Victory

The Untold Story of World War II’s Red Ball Express Mass Market Paperback – August 1, 2001

The true story of a bunch of tough-as-nails drivers who, during three pivotal months of World War II, operated the “Red Ball Express”, is told through firsthand accounts. Almost all African Americans, these truckers rushed fuel and supplies to the rapidly advancing American armies desperately needed after D-Day to crush the German Panzers.
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Liberation Road

A Novel of World War II and the Red Ball Express Paperback – October 25, 2005

With his acclaimed novels of World War II, David L. Robbins awakened a generation to the drama, tragedy, and heroism of some of history’s greatest battles. Now he delivers a gripping and authentic story set against one of our greatest wartime achievements: the Red Ball Express, six thousand trucks and twenty-three thousand men–most of them African-American–who forged a lifeline of supplies in the Allied struggle to liberate France.
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Liberty Roads

The American Logistics in France and Germany, 1944-45 Hardcover – August 2, 2014

The Red Ball Express Highway is the nickname given to the supply route opened in August 1944 which stretched from the landing beaches to the American armies launched in an incredible pursuit throughout France. For three months, up to 6,000 trucks drove along this route. However, the generals complain in their memoirs about the lack of gasoline, ammunition and even warm clothing and cigarettes. It is this paradox which led to the writing of this book.
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Red Ball Express

Supply Line from the D-Day Beaches (Us Army Transport)

Any military history buff will recognize the term “Red Ball Express” of WWII in Europe. What I learned that was a surprise to me is that there were actually several “expedited” supply actions. This book was an interesting read with good pictures of the various trucks and trailers. I would have liked to have seen a little better route map details, and more detail on what would make up the composition of a truck load that drove the typical 2X+ overweight loading. Still, a very enjoyable book that adds to ones knowledge base.
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Normandy weather

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