Wonderful old bit of film about the Red Ball Express

Another bit of history can be found on Historynet.com. Click here to access it.

Here’s another link to the story of the Red Ball Express, this one found on Olive-Drab, an army history site: Click here

Military Mashup has tons of photos, many from World War 2, and the odd GMC can be found among them too of course. Click here

Here’s a great story about the American logistics in World War 2 in Europe. The Red Ball Express is mentioned too in detail as of page 388. Click here to read !

There are many WW2 groups and organizations around still, fortunately. They keep the memory of those brave men that fought for our freedom alive, often through keeping the vehicles of the era running. One such organization (in The Netherlands), is Keep them Rolling, visit their website here.

Normandy weather

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