Stuart’s report on Day 6, Friday 29th June. Well what a day, amazing driving across the open French countryside and the quiet sleepy villages. We then headed to the dinner stop where all the fun began. A photo location was set up coming out of Auzeville-en-Argonne over a stone bridge, then right up a hill to the dinner stop. The dinner stop was an old section road that still remained next to the new section. The idea was to turn into the old road about 100 yds after the bend. Unfortunately Craig decided to turn in early not seeing a ditch that was overgrown, the truck bounced across the ditch followed by the Ben Hur which wasn’t so lucky. It bounced from side to side before turning itself upside down! Luckily only the woodwork was damaged…. and some beer. We used Andys Diamond T to right the trailer and after a bit of sorting we were back on the road to Verdun. Into the campsite where the lads got together and rebuilt the woodwork. Then a quick wash and brush up and out for a meal. The first round was bought by a lovely American lady who we met at Longues sur Mer, who gave us €50 euro, and on the camp owner from Acris sur Aube who knocked €50 off the bill. So I put it to good use, a few late night laughs and off to bed. Phew what a day!!