Day 9, Monday 2nd July. Up early for an unplanned visit to the Bastogne Barracks vehicle restoration centre where we were given a demonstration of power by a Leopard tank. All 880 Hp let loose with a noise that went through you!! Amazing, this was followed by a Sherman Firefly radial engine start up an run. Personally my favourite engine, amazing!!! A few other vehicles and then to Steve Chaplin’s delight a Morris armoured car. I was then presented with a framed copy of the letter that general McAuliffe gave to the troops in Bastogne in December 1944. We then presented the museum with a trip t-shirt. After a long goodbye we set of for La Gleize for a museum stop and look at the impressive King Tiger. On the way the mp Dodge blew a head gasket, they limped it to the museum for a  tour. We hooked the Dodge up to the  Diamond T and towed it to the night stop at Malmedy. While some went to the Baugnez museum and Malmedy massacres memorial month, Dave put a new head gasket on the dodge and by the time we returned it was fixed better than it was before. Go Red Ball !!